Agility – we embrace freedom of thought and thrive on thinking ‘outside of the box’ to bring lean, innovative solutions to our clients. Each employee brings a diversity of knowledge to our self-directed teams. We are alert to change, ignore fads, and keep apace of technological change to be able to quickly and decisively meet emerging challenges. We do not fear bold thinking and confidently pursue new ideas.


Creativity – we believe creative individuals are the heart and soul of an innovative company. Good ideas are amplified through teamwork. We are disciplined researchers and objectively survey facts, data, and trends to anticipate change and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. We are passionate thinkers and recognize that success depends upon the energy and vitality of our team.


Integrity – it is our responsibility to excel in service to our clients, and we must manage to the bottom line; but we cannot get there in the absence of a culture of ethical and equitable business practices. We compete fairly and strive towards a level playing field where winning is based upon delivering superior products and services. Our job is to undertake assignments where we can clearly add value and perform with objectivity and integrity.


Mutuality – we are a team and help one another to build a better future; for ourselves, our company, our country, and our world. We share the same fate and recognize that it is in our collective interest to treat one another with dignity and respect. In partnership with our clients we build a work environment where each person can flourish. Our reciprocal relationships empower self-responsibility while pursuing the goal of building a strong and durable company we can all enjoy.


Accountability – our services represent the very best of our abilities. Accountability starts with our personal desire to demonstrate excellence. We deliver on promises and keep quality or safety foremost in our mind. Together we strive to continuously improve. Each day we maintain accountability for our actions – it is a reflection of our responsibility to our colleagues and clients.