Strategic Solutions

  • Acima works very closely with our client's to fully reveal stakeholder needs and to re-cast problems to ensure the many dimensions of a mission are examined to the greatest practical extent. Our broad domain expertise and operational knowledge provides a foundation to deliver successful outcomes through operational solutions clearly tied to long-term goals and requirements.


  • Decision Support Systems - Acima's decision support capability relies on intensive data gathering techniques to fill in knowledge gaps and using formal methods to formulate, test, and track assumptions. Our goal is to equip our clients with the strongest possible foundation for making decisions and for monitoring plans as they unfold.
  • Technology Portfolio Management - Introducing new technology into a project carries risk if design maturity is not carefully evaluated. Acima applies proven methods for evaluating technology readiness and reducing infusion risks by using metrics-based evaluations early in design and performance indicators during project development to keep projects on track.
  • Business Development - Acima provides commercial firms with the framework to make complex bid/no-bid decisions, assess the competitive environment, construct winning proposals, and reduce production costs. We also support color team reviews during the proposal development process and legal teams during protest procedures.
  • Due Diligence - Evaluating technical projects early in the life-cycle to ensure resource adequacy and appropriate risk balance is an Acima strength. We employ independent cost estimation tools, risk metrics, and other tools to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of project viability.

Science and Engineering

  • Acima is a technical company and our skill and experience in science and engineering lies at our core. While we assist our clients meet scientific and engineering challenges we also provide collateral skills in financial management, communication, acquisition, and risk analysis to amplify the quality of our services and products.


  • Systems Engineering - Acima applies SE methods to complex design challenges emphasizing requirements development and management to ensure all elements of a project are thoroughly represented and appropriately balanced from the outset. Our SE approach includes Modeling and Simulation to speed design and analysis activities and extend the level of design integration. We place special emphasis on sustainability as a key element of SE practice and work with stakeholders to ensure design efforts capture the sometimes hidden interactions that systems have with their environment. For commercial projects, Acima integrates technical and financial perspectives to test concept viability in the market and ensure SE trades and assessments lead to profit optimized design features.
  • Bioscience - Acima's professionals have a long history in space biology research, crew health and crew monitoring systems, space medicine, astrobiology, and biological sensor and experiment development.
  • Launch Systems - Members of Acima's professional team have the experience in the development of commercial launch policy and skills in both robotic and human spaceflight systems to explore the potential of new commercial technologies while managing performance and reliability requirements.
  • Payload Engineering - Acima's knowledge of what it takes to design, integrate, and operate successful space experiments stems from our professional's extensive experience in the engineering and management of payload projects.
  • Aviation Systems - Acima is committed to the future of American leadership in aviation. Our background in aeronautical research and aircraft operations allows Acima to offer high value services in the areas of aviation safety, future flight operations, technology management and planning, and systems planning and acquisition.

Project Management

  • Excellence in the management of complex projects starts with vision and ends with meticulous execution. Acima brings a total project viewpoint to client assignments - this leads to an appropriate balance of management resources and to address risks, avoid pitfalls, and stay within resource boundaries. Acima's professionals work closely with client project teams to evolve a culture focused on mission success and delivery of innovative solutions as each milestone is successfully met.


  • Life-cycle Engineering Management - Our professionals have managed projects at all levels of complexity. Acima's focus is on life-cycle integration regardless of the developmental approach chosen. Getting projects started off on the right foot through rigorous upfront planning and analysis is an Acima strong point - sound investments at the outset pay off in reduced life-cycle costs and risks.
  • Analyses of Alternatives - Part of our emphasis on up-front project planning centers around the trades and studies that closely examine the risks and rewards of various alternatives. Our expertise in Decision Support Systems helps us navigate complex trade spaces and handle imperfect data and uncertainty to find creative solutions for our clients.
  • Cost Estimation - Acima supports early phase planning by employing requirements-based cost estimation to benchmark cost calculations against historical norms. Whether we are tasked to support estimating teams or deliver independent estimates we work to ensure that the project's scope is completely understood and resources are sufficient to achieve success.
  • Peer Review - Acima provides subject matter experts to government and commercial engineering and management reviews during the procurement process and project execution. We also structure reviews using a template process that organizes expert teams and delivers actionable results to our clients quickly and efficiently. Our experts come from DOD, FAA, NTSB, NASA, commercial industry, and academia and each has a clear record of achievement in their field.

Base Operations and Maintenance

  • Acima's goal is to help our clients reduce cost and ease the O&M and sustainment burden. Acima's life-cycle approach ensures that the full cost of O&M is adequately reflected in requirements at the beginning of a project. In the operational phase, Acima delivers performance-based logistics support through integrated warehousing and distribution practices that continually produce improvements.
  • Inventory Management - Our experts employ automated systems to procure, receive, store, ensure readiness. Acima's experience includes inventory services in a metrology/calibration environment where storage and handling of precision equipment is critically important. Acima develops, publishes and distributes technical orders associated with the maintenance and calibration of critical equipment.
  • Warehouse Operations - Acima plans and executes DOD-compliant warehousing solutions that includes storage facility operations, asset security and protection, automated material tracking systems, audit reporting, and optimization of on-site storage systems.
  • Transportation Services - Acima's experts optimize methods for the packing, crating and shipping of test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment and delicate air and space system flight and ground hardware. We maintain complete records of in-transit material, resolve and report discrepancies, and maintain control logs for all materials in our control.
  • Foreign Military Systems Support – Acima provides logistical support in the form of cost tracking and allocation, equipment tracking and monitoring, maintenance and calibration coordination to DOD's Foreign Military Sales program. We routinely handle large volumes of sensitive aircraft and ground system instruments and sensors.